Android 2d Barcode Scanner
Android 2d barcode scanners are applications that can be downloaded and used on an Android cell phone. The Android operating system is a mobile platform, that can be used as an operating system for cell phones, netbooks, tablets and other handheld devices. Android was bought by Google in 2005 and has since been developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance as part of the Android Open Source Project. There are currently over 200,000 applications available for Android, many of which are available for download from the Android Market – an online store run by Google.

In this article we are going to look at some of the Android 2d barcode scanners that are available, and provide some links and reviews to help those of you who are interested in 2d barcodes on Android phones.

ShopSavvy Android Barcode Scanner

Up until a recent update, the ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner was considered one of the best 2d barcode scanners for for Android phones. In fact, it was one of the original Android shopping apps. With ShopSavvy, when you scan a barcode the app quickly compares the item between online retailers and retailers in your area, and will tell you which stores currently stock the item. It also offers wish lists for you to store items you wish to buy in the future, and will track price alerts for when an item is reduced in price. It also retains a history of items you have searched for or scanned in so you can review past interests.

Unfortunately, the latest reviews I have read on ShopSavvy complain about the new update – Version 4. The app now comes with live feeds showing what other people are currently scanning. Users complain that an interface that used to be clean is now messy, and the feature is annoying, it cannot be switched off, and drains resources.

ZXing Team Barcode Scanner

For those of you who think ZXing is an obscure name, it’s short for ‘Zebra Crossing’ – which really is obscure! But don’t let that that distract you from possibly the best 2d barcode scanning, that is available:
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The ZXing Barcode Scanner will scan any barcode and give you the option to do a Google product search, web search or shopper search with your results. If you use it to scan a tracking label it will even tell you who your courier service is and when you can expect delivery. 2D scanning will release all the text and contact information in a QR code, you can even do a bulk scan and save your results.

Google Goggles Augmented Reality and Barcode Scanner

The Google Goggles Augmented Reality (also known as AR) and Barcode Scanner app provides an interesting combination of features, and although not yet perfect, this may well be one to watch. The app uses your smartphone camera for input, so if you point it at a landmark it will take that image and attempt to match the image with Google search results. The interesting part is that it also recognises barcodes, logos, and can translate text – This makes it perfect as a business card scanner as it will read the text, logo and barcode and add a contact to your address book.